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vetsuture® BOND - Pitais un parklatais diegs - Poliesteris - Neabsorbejami sterili šuvju materiali

Neabsorbejami sterili šuvju materiali

vetsuture® BOND : Pitais un parklatais diegs - Poliesteris


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- Ethicon® Ethibond®
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Pitais un parklatais diegs
Neabsorbejami sterili šuvju materiali
Diega garums: 90 cm
Krasa: zala
Sterilitate: 5 gadi

vetsuture® BOND is a nonabsorbable, sterile, surgical suture, composed of fine filaments of Polyester, Poly Ethylene Tere Phthalate. The fine polyester fibres are braided to produce firm suture that remains soft and pliable. vetsuture® BOND is colored green with D&C Green No.5, an U.S.F.D.A. approved dye. For added lubrication and smoothness, vetsuture® BOND is coated with highly biologically inert wax. vetsuture® BOND meets all the requirements, established by the United States Pharmacopeia for Nonabsorbable Surgical suture. vetsuture® BOND is indicated for use in soft tissue approximation and or ligation, including use in plastic and opthalmic procedures but not for use in cardiovascular and neurological tissues.

Musu šuvju materialu klasts BOND

EPUSPgarumsciklsgarums Point Ethicon B.Braun
BOND2CN 23/090cm - 35"3/8 24mm - 0.95" ReverseCut FS-1 DS 24
BOND3CN 3 2/0 90cm - 35"3/8 30mm - 1.18" ReverseCut FSL DS 30
BOND6TC 6 3+4 90cm - 35" 1/2 40mm - 1.57"

TapperCut CT HRC 40

Sterilitate: 5 gadi


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