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Polyglycolic acid absorbable braided thread (coated) : VETSUTURE PGA - 50% less

Flexibility, handiness, the best-seller of veterinary suture

vetsuture PGA : Sterile absorbable braided and coated suture - Polyglycolic acid


- Suturing and ligation in general surgery
- Muscles and aponeurosis
- Ligation of haemostases


- Limited sawing effect (coated)
- Very low tissue reaction
- Limited capillarity (coated)

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Vet-Suture PGA suture is an absorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of homopolymers of glycolide (100%). The empirical formula of Vet-Suture's PGA is (C2H2O2)n. Vet-Suture's PGA is coated with unique combinaison of Polycaprolactone and Calcium Sterate for added lubrication and smoothness. Absorbtion begins with loss of tensile strength followed by loss of mass. 80% of the original tensile strengh is retained upto 14 days after surgery. 90% of the original tensile strength is lost at the end of the fourth week post implantation. Absorption of Vet-Suture's PGA is minimal upto 10% in two weeks, 25% of the mass gets absorbed in four weeks, upto 75% in two months and absorption is essentially complete between 75 and 90 days. Vet-Suture's PGA sutures are available dyed with D&C Violet n°2.

Used every day by hundreds of veterinary surgeons through Europe, vetsuture® PGA is the ideal choice for sutures and ligatures of aponeuroses muscles of dogs, cats, and smallpets such as rabbits, chinchillas.

All the suture materials are set with a high-quality vetfire needle, conceived for the particular custom of the veterinarian art. Needles are siliconized for a better penetration and a better glide

Our range of PGA sutures

PGA03DS 0.3 9/0 Monofil -30 cm - 11.8"3/8 6.4mm - 0.25"(200µm) 2x Spatula
PGA07DS 0.7 6/0 45cm - 17.7" 3/8 8mm - 0.31"(300µm) 2x Spatula

Shelf Life : 5 years

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needle - Vetfire®


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