Suturas cirúrgicas veterinárias.
A mesma qualidade. Metade do preço.

vetsuture - Suturas cirúrgicas veterinárias. A mesma qualidade. Metade do preço.

Superior Penetration Geometry For Cutting Needles. The Sharpened triangular sides of the Cutting & Reverse cutting Needles along with the sharp tip penetrates tough tissue with ease
1. Needle Compressed to 85% of its chord length.

2. Needle returns to original Shape

Superior suture needle attachement

Precisely drilled needle offers high suture needle attachment strength for trouble free attachment. Our sutures reach more than 3.5 the USP standards.

1. vetsuture® vetfire® needle

2.Other brands

vetsuture® vetfire® needle : technology at your service

The vetsuture® vetfire® needles are ribbed in order to ensure you a better grip in needle holder without twisting or turning. Also, vetfire® needles have got a penetration power more important than other needles. vetfire® needles will allow you to pass over the most resistant tissues dint his 3 clear-cut lines. Its advantage ? Atraumatic, accurancy, precise point, good cicatricial results dint the minimal needle trace.

Sharper & stronger needle

The sharp and gradually vetsuture® vetfire® tapered needle profile guarantees easy penetration in every bite. vetsuture® vetfire® are made from special stainless steel alloy which provides an excellent ductility & high resistance to needle breaking even when reshaping.

Smooth Finish For Easy Passage Through Tissues

Smooth and Excellent finish with virtually no pit marks eliminates tissue drag.

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24% a 70% MAIS BARATO do que as suturas analogas das outras marcas. Compare os nossos preços com os do seu fornecedor habitual e mude para vetsuture.

Aguhla - Vetfire®


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