diergeneeskundig hechtmateriaal.
dezelfde kwaliteit voor de helft van de prijs.

VETSUTURE LENE - niet resorbeerbaar - monofilament - polypropyleen

niet resorbeerbaar - monofilament - polypropyleen

vetsuture® LENE :


- cutaneous sutures
- Hernias


- high tensile strength
- does not harbour micro-organisms
- no capillarity effect
- low shape memory

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- Ethicon® Prolene®
- B.Braun® Premilene®
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Eigenschappen: niet resorbeerbaar steriel chirurgisch hechtmateriaal met naald. Kleur: blauw - Sterilisatiemethode: Ethyleen Oxide - Houdbaarheidsduur 5 jaar.

vetsuture® LENE is a nonabsorbable, sterile, surgical suture, composed of Polypropylene, a synthetic linear Polyolefin. The molecular formula is (C3 H6)n. vetsuture® LENE is colored blue with Phthalocyanine Copper blue, Color Index No.74160, an U.S.F.D.A.approved dye. vetsuture® LENE is monofilament and it is uncoated. vetsuture® LENE meets all the requirements as per United States Pharmacopeia for nonabsorbable Surgical suture. vetsuture® LENE is indicated for use in soft tissue approximation and or ligation, including use in plastic and opthalmic procedures but not for use in cardiovascular and neurological tissues.

All the suture materials are set with a high-quality vetfire needle , conceived for the particular custom of the veterinarian art. Needles are siliconized for a better penetration.


EPUSPlengteCirkellengte Point Ethicon B.Braun
LENE1CN 15/0 60cm - 24"3/813mm - 0.52" ReverseCut C-3 DS 13
LENE15CN 1.54/090cm - 35"3/8 19mm - 0.75" ReverseCut FS-2 DS 19
LENE2CN 23/090cm - 35"3/8 24mm - 0.95" ReverseCut FS-1 DS 24
LENE3CN 3 2/0 90cm - 35"3/8 30mm - 1.18" ReverseCut FSL DS 30
LENE5CN 5 2 90cm - 35" 1/2 40mm - 1.57"

ReverseCut CP HS 40

Houdbaarheidsduur 5 jaar

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